Wednesday, October 5, 2011

When was your heater?

we all have stories about how poker changed our lives,

in my case, the highlight of my poker career happened early 90's, i was visiting my cousin in Vegas and stayed there for 3 months, i had $4k in my pocket, i stepped into Mirage(used to have a lot of poker traffic), played 15/30 limit, and ran my money up to $12k. Then i figure why not try 30/60 at Bellagio, i was so hot hitting gutshots, and after 2 months of grinding my money got up to $60k.

Then went back to LA, spent some money on strip bars, lots of drinking, next thing i know my money is back down to 30k. So I went to Commerce casino, played 40/80, all 30k gone after 2 weeks, i could no longer hit anything, easy come easy go, that's when i realize i only got lucky, there is an old saying its "better lucky than good", but I found out the hard way that luck rans out but being good in poker will eventually get you to the promiseland.

At the moment, im playing limit games and low limit PLO and do not plan to play higher stakes, im done with that. One thing i learn from poker, even after playing for 25 years, I'm not good at it and im not ashame to admit it.